I've been thinking about mountains a lot lately.

Maybe it's that PNW weather that came through the past week. Or maybe it's my inherent need to not be stuck behind a desk because I would rather be exploring. But, I'm thinking it's just the season that many people around me are going through. Many people in my life have been dealing with some sort of change. Husby just left a pretty stable job for a pretty awesome one that will help him grow. Others are just going through a season of unsteadiness, in their jobs, relationships, and the all too common "adulting" struggles.






Valleys are usually used to represent struggles in our life. But without those valleys, we wouldn't have mountains and I think the ascent is so much harder. And while I haven't climbed a mountain like Everest, I have experience my fair share of switchbacks and steep scrambles to honestly tell you: it's hard. But it doesn't have to be.

You can learn a lot from hiking mountains. You realize, with practice, you can build endurance for the climb. You know how to be better equipped (water / snacks / shoes). And with every ascent, you learn a new way to approach the trail.

Lately, my mountain has been "boldness". This mountain has two peaks. Two struggles that I've been facing in both hands.

I do not like being the center attention. I would rather be behind the scenes. So of course, anxiety struck me when it came to the days before my bridal shower. This was the first peak. I kept busy with prep and work. And found comfort in husby hugs. The day went as smoothly as it could (albeit: rain and an interesting wait staff). It was a beautiful day with friends and family that I'm thankful for.

The second peak was a boldness in faith. Funny enough, it coincided with a devotional about the Psalms of Ascent and my church's new sermon series: Summer Soul. This climb has been a lot evaluating and focusing on what kind of Christian I am to be. I have never lied about my faith to those who have asked, but I never shout it off the mountain tops either. I am not one of those Evangelizers on the corner flaunting their faith down a passerby's throat. I am private about my beliefs because I understand that love and grace is a better language. I hoped that my life and my actions are representation enough of being a Christian. But digging deeper, I know I was blessed with the talent of words that I can't be silent.

"Quiet Boldness" has been a phrase that has been sticking with me over the past few days. Quiet is not silent. It's gentle, calm, and ensuring. It's building up those around you so can climb their mountains with them. It's being a vessel to let something bigger to move and work through you. It's being strong and steady in knowing who and whose you are. 



ENDURANCE : Strong Faith // EQUIPMENT : The Word



What are the mountains you are facing? Do not be afraid of the climb. It will be difficult, but you are not alone. Push onward. Make your mark. The views from the top are definitely worth it.