Lately, I've been having an identity crisis.

A few weeks ago, I had my bridal shower. So I thought it was an opportune time to "get my nails done" to practice for the wedding. I'm a far cry from being a girly girl. I barely get a regular manicure and pedicure. Let's be honest, I BARELY wear any make up during the week. And I have no idea what to do with a curling iron. So getting my nails done is so out of the box from the super relaxed tomboy beauty aesthetic I rock most days. Sissy at Danger Studio was a total darling about it. I went into it a total n00b, and in the end... I kinda liked it.

I might be falling in love with florals.

When it comes to personal style lately, it's been pretty normcore. Tee shirt. Jeans. Throw on the all-weather army jacket and I'm out the door. This is probably due to the deep purge I did last year and only kept my basics. But lately, I've been missing the fashion statements I used to throw together. Cue this floral button down that Husby wishes he could steal from me (the tables have turned). Like previously stated, I hardly go shopping anymore. I only buy pieces when I know I can wear it at least 60 times. TBH, this shirt kept it's tag on for a good month before I even touched it. I actually wanted to return it because I didn't think it was "me". But after this understated tomboy-esque look, I think you may be seeing more of this shirt in future outfits.


In other news (but not TOTALLY off topic / see floral shirt). Have you listened to Harry Styles album yet? If not, do yourself a favor: crank your windows down and put it on blast. I've been listening to it ever since it came out. Sweet Creature is probably my favorite.