The name of this post is a total rip off of husby's shop on Reverb: Pedals for Pedals. Technically I didn't steal it since I came up with the name for him. He was in the process of selling off some unused guitar pedals so he can get a new set of wheels. Now that the shop is empty, I'm counting down the days till we can start our little bike gang.






Over the past two weeks, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society hosted the annual Flower Show. Almost every year, I get in some good family time with my parents and look at all the exhibits with them. This year was no different. With past themes of National Parks, London, and even Disney and Pixar, it's hard to compete! Although not as lavish as years past, "Holland" showed an unconventional beauty that stole my heart.

Of course there was a fair share of tulips and bicycles all around. If you're a Philly native, you have probably seen videos of the bicycle fountain filling your Insta-story feed. There was a wall filled with statement pieces that married floral arrangements and bicycle wheels into beautiful sculptures. And let's talk about the AWE INDUCING INSTALLATION that is a wedding day dream come true: waves of flowers crashing and engulfing you in their beauty.

I especially found a kinship to the installations that focused on food (I am an inner fatty with a homesteader heart). As much as I love to support local farmers, I take notes on how the Netherlands treats food culture. I don't mean restaurant culture, but agriculture. The Dutch are able to be the largest exporter of produce while also creating sustainable, healthy food and respect nature all at the same time. It gives me hope that local farmers will incorporate this knowledge and how "the man" that real food is the good stuff and can be profitable without cutting corners. Although not a main theme at The Flower Show, it still left its mark on me. Live walls gave inspiration to vertical gardening. A beekeeper teaching their buzzworthy ways. Vendor tastings of delicious sprouts has me creating new recipes in my mind (Bull's Blood Beet Microgreens will LEGIT change your life).