So I love adventure times with good people. Especially when it's a celebration of a friend's birthday! Birthdays are the bestest. This past weekend was a 30th birthday celebration of my friend Ryan Hilley. On a car ride back from Pittsburgh, the beau and I came up with a brilliant secret adventure that we almost executed perfectly. But of course I let the cat (partially) out of the bag THE NIGHT before. We were so close!!!!

After a much needed breakfast at Cracker Barrel, the beau, Ryan, and his roommates/now-friends Dave and Jenn, and I all rolled out to Easton, Pennsylvania, home of Weyerbacher Brewing Company.

So me, I'm not a beer kind of girl. I like my liqueur (sans gin and vodka) all well and fine, but beer, no thanks! BUT apparently I'm just picky. At the brewery, I found two beers I actually liked: D'Tango Unchained, a new beer that Weyerbacher just introduced to their tasting room, and Tarte Noveau, beer that tastes like kombucha: ACE!

After the tour, Dave suggested we go to this place that makes pizza from Weyerbacher's used grains. This place looks like its in the hood, but be not afraid, Black & Blue is a KILLER spot. All five of us wish that there was a bar like that in Philadelphia, so Philly get with it. From the huge collection of skulls and weird memorabilia that graced as decor, absinthe as the highlight of the bar, and great food, Black & Blue is reason enough to end up in Easton.

Now all fueled up on food and alcohol, mostly alcohol, part deux of the celebrations must occur: hiking at Ringing Rocks. Located in Upper Black Eddy, and kinda my backyard, this strange patch of rocks is still mystifying scientists and explorers alike. Here the rocks ring like bells when struck. We forgot to bring hammers, but we found some small rocks to use and still had the same effect. Seriously, one of the coolest and weirdest places. It would be really cool to make some music there, maybe we'll go back and bring that to life.

And PS. Whoever said you can't go hiking in a dress. Break the norm!

MOOREA SEAL Morely Hat (I need to get this hat in THIS color) & Eye of the Beholder Scarf (similar) | URBAN OUTFITTERS Dress | NEW BALANCE 501