So really. Where did this summer go? I lack Vitamin D due to a shoebox closet office space and constantly running under the forest canopy, but it's okay I prefer autumn anyway. Usually summertime calls for going to AT LEAST one music festival, but not this year. As much as I would have died and gone to heaven to go to Osheaga this year, I have a wedding to attend in Pittsburgh.

On a brighter note, I was able to see two bands that I have been looking into seeing. One is a summer staple: San Cisco. If you never have heard of these Aussie wonders, stop reading this and go on Spotify. I dare for you to try not dancing in your underwear to Fred Astaire (been there, done that).

The other is a newer flame, and not just because of the dreamy eyed Lonely Boy from Brooklyn frontman, but because their music is just so different from all the "new" music you hear these days. MOTHXR is like a seductive phantom in the dark corner of hidden jazz bar. Their song "Victim" has been a personal go to late night candle lit yoga flows.

But yeah, it was a weird combination. But I like weird. It was my first time at the Johnny Brenda's venue after a failed attempt to go see GOASTT. And because I found out about this show super last minute, the fact that I was able to see these two super cool bands was kinda kismet. As the rest of the girls were fawning over Penn Badgley, because they didn't know it was his band opening for San Cisco, I'm just happy to have scored a 7" vinyl. Because you know, priorities.