So today is fun hump day post, because it's a hump day that is basically a Friday, well semantics.

Over the weekend the beau and I made our way to Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, PA. It's a cute little flea with different vendors that his held all season long. It was cool to meet fellow makers, especially this witty and sarcastic candle maker behind Little House Candles. There were ice carvers and glass blower, whittlers, and ornament painters. It was quaint, and if you're in the North East Pennsylvania area this time next year, you should stop by.

But the real gem of going there is walking the Hoover-Mason Trestle (HMT). Just as the original Steel Stacks has been renovated and re-purposed to be an entertainment center, casino, and hotel, the HMT also got a new face. Think of how New York introduced the High Line to Chelsea to bring a new look to the overgrown abandoned railway, the HMT did the same. Originally it was a small half-mile long railroad that helped transport coke and iron ore to the blast furnaces. Now, it's this very short walkway where you you can learn a bit of history and enjoy the nice weather of December. There are little gardens and cute benches, along with a walking tour and small museum in the visitor center. Not to mention, it makes a nifty background for the new addition in my closet.

WALDEN&CO. Pine Crest Beanie (Webstore Coming Soon!!) | OLD NAVY Denim Jacket (stolen from boyfriend's closet) | FENNEC DESIGN Back Patch | JCREW Coated Denim (similar) | DOC MARTENS Clemency Boot