I don't know what it was about this Holiday season that's got me feeling weird. Maybe it's the fact that it has been a WARM December here in Pennyslvania. Or maybe it's exactly how Daria says it is:

Either way, Christmas Week is upon us. And now that the Star Wars craze is over (Who am I kidding? That was ridiculous and I'm still obsessed...), It's time for non-stop Christmas carols courtesy of August Burns Red and Emery, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Disney's Christmas Carol. All that good Christmas cheer. But there is a song that got me gut this year: The Killers "Joel, The Lump of Coal". I know it sounds like an odd song to hit you in the feels, but hear me out.

I first heard the song last year. Thought nothing of it, but a cute song with a new character that had a great agenda behind it. But another once over, it just reminds me of what Christmas is all about. You know. That baby in the manger. Jesus. Ring a bell?

Now this is a VERY LOOSE and probably not at all accurate interpretation of the song. But this is mine, and it got me freaking out.

So Joel is this lump of coal, that no one really likes. He gets made fun of by the other pieces of anthracite, like a little reindeer we know. Oh and like Jesus. Everyone is after the guy since before he was born. Rough Life. Then, Joel finds out he drew the short straw and is sent to a boy on the naughty list. Kinda like how Jesus was sent to our sinning lot. Now Joel gets to the kid, and the kid knows he's been bad so he kinda comes to term with whatever happens to him. BUT THEN Joel realizes (after crying a bit) why he was sent to this naughty kid, to sacrifice himself and give the boy something that he did not deserve. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?!?! Like how do you not have the feels. Oh and did I mention that the name "Joel" comes from the Hebrew that means "YAHWEH is God".

Jesus, man, Happy Birthday.

In honor of the birthday boy, enjoy a nice plate of anthracite.