Lately I've been going through some growing pains, both physically and figuratively.

I started going to hot yoga, which is a different practice than I'm used to. The Far Infrared Radiation heats your body from the inside out that cleanses and detoxifies, whereas other external heating will dry you out. This new practice led me into deeper expressions of poses which allows growth in more flexibility, but more importantly for me: strength and endurance. I'm excited to where this journey leads me.

Which leads to the figuratively...

So, it's coming to a year where I started a little venture where I bit off more than I could handle. Which shows how much excitement I have for that little passion project. While I still love the idea behind the company, I have decided to reel it in and simplify (like I am trying to do with the rest of my life). I don't want to drown myself in too much stress (you know, with planning a WEDDING and everything), so the next steps will be slow, steady, and deliberate.

While that is going on, I will be continuing to sell my goods on my personal page. If we are IRL friends, don't worry about shipping! Let's meet for coffee and/or hike. These chilly nights only mean that Autumn is around the corner, so stock up!




Here's to looking forward.