Alo. Bonjour. Aloha.

Hi! I'm Katrina - designer, maker, storyteller, and avid coffee drinker.  I am a self-proclaimed vagabond currently residing in the white oak shadows of Philadelphia, but I have my eyes set on the mountain horizons of the Pacific North West. In the vastness of this digital landscape called "The Internet", welcome to my little fort tucked away for fellow wanderers to find shelter, read stories, look at pretty things and be inspired.

...well, that's the short of it anyway.

To be honest: I'm restless. I have never felt like anything was a permanent home or a perfect fit. So, I proclaimed myself a vagabond and wandered into the wilderness of life. Picking up a few skills on the way reminded me of the passion for the art of the craft that still runs in my veins. Setting up forts to breath in and look up. I am constantly yearning for the next adventure: a new book to read, a new mountain to climb, a new cafe to try.

I find this place as an online sanctuary that I've been wrestling with for a few years. Always being told I should start one of those "typical-run-of-the-mill-fashion-y" -type blogs, my inner voice was telling me that wasn't enough (don't fear, there will be some of those posts too). I needed a place to remember people, places, and the stories behind them; to observe and take notes from the trail. Alas, FIELDNOTES was born.